Laboratory of Functional Genomics

Potential Students

Undergraduate Volunteers

All undergraduate volunteers need to commit to a full year's worth of time in the lab. During the school year, we expect you to work AT LEAST 15 hours per week. During the summer, you are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week and preferably full time.

You will have your own project, with the goal of teaching you to be researcher. This means reading the primary literature and being responsible for your project. Our lab is best if you are planning to continue into graduate programs or PhD fellowship. If you are interested, please send an email to Mikle Skoblov to setup up an appointment.

Master Students

The lab usually has 2Ц4 Master students doing both the course work and qualifying graduate thesis. Please contact Mikle Skoblov for an interview. The Students which have successfully defended their qualifying work could be recommended for post diploma education in Research Centre for Medical Genetics.

PhD Students

The lab is always interested in potential PhD students. There is an option for PhD students in Genetics PhD program at Research Centre for Medical Genetics both in Medicine and Biology field. The Research Centre has also an opportunity of residency in medical genetics.

To get a position in the lab you need to get accepted into one of these programs and you will be interviewed as part of this process. It is fairly hard to get into our PhD programs. The post-graduate students who have attended the course work and qualifying graduate thesis have the preference and recommendations. The rules for entry in post-graduate education programs at our Centre could be found at the webpage

Potential Post-Docs

The lab is fairly evenly divided into wet laboratory and bioinformatics people. We tend to do things with a "systems biology" approach (e.g., field work combined with molecular biology and mathematics).

We expect people to be independent. We are most interested in trained post-docs who want to be research scientists. When applying for a post-doc, it is important that you choose someone who will give you a project to "make your own". We are happy to do this, but we will expect you to take advantage of the opportunity and learn to write grant, give talks, etc. We also expect you to train students as practice for when you run your own lab.

Funding for post-docs is limited. Practically, what that means is that you will need to find your own funding sources. We would be happy to work with you to get fellowships and write grants. Please look at the list here for potential sources of funding.

If you are interested, then please contact Mikle Skoblov to set up an phone interview.

Visiting Scientists

Senior Scientist who want to collaborate please directly contact Mikle Skoblov.

Lab Technicians

We have no open positions for lab technicians.